Talks by K. Adam White


I am a senior engineer at Human Made, where I design complex JavaScript applications and build enterprise-scale WordPress sites. You can find me on twitter at @kadamwhite.

This is a repository of slides from talks and presentations I have given at conferences and meetups over the years.

Technical Disclaimer: Each slide deck should be taken as an artifact of its time—the older the content, the more out-of-date it is likely to be. If you see any technical errors or inaccuracies vs current libraries or evolving standards, please get in touch and I will update the content.



These presentations, with limited exceptions, all use in-browser HTML5 slide deck libraries. I am particularly indebted to the authors of the tools listed below, without whom my presentations would have looked considerably less good and taken considerably longer to create:


The Microphone I am using as a favicon is from The Noun Project.

Images used in slide decks are either credited in the slides in which they are used, via HTML comment or visible attribution text, or else credited in bulk at the end of the presentation.